Check-In Security for Kids

Safeguards our children and automatically records attendance. We use online computer and laptops to track the entry and exit of children attendees with a label printer, and a simple badge-making system. This provides extra security measures for monitoring the drop-off and pick-up of our precious children.

Group & Team Communications

Helps people in groups and teams communicate. Schedules can be posted, people invited, attendance recorded, group emails sent and more. Church members can join multiple groups and then visit their group pages to view upcoming meetings, email fellow members, or post group messages. A person’s group info is also consolidated in his/her member profile.

Secure Member Information

Member profile pages provide a secure and practical way for members to share basic information. It connects members to everything NBFC has to offer. Profile pages provides a simple way for members to update contact information, connect with small groups, check only their own personal giving history, and more. 

Secure Social Media

Do you use Twitter or Facebook and worry about its security? We have our own secure social media at NBFC. Members can easily add links on their profile to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts that they already have. NBFC uses Realm for our members and it has its own built-in message walls where NBFC members can post their own news. It’s similar to Facebook but with the security and familiarity for our NBFC member community.


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